Plastic Free Razor – The Kairn Pencil Razor

Plastic free razor from Kairn. 

Our double-edged metal safety razor is the perfect blend of form and function. Beautifully styled, this designer razor looks stunning in your bathroom, and in your hand. And it is in your hand that you will notice the fine quality and perfectly weighted handle pressing against your palm. Specifically weighted for ease of use, our razor is intentionally heavier than normal razors to give you the reassurance and feedback that you need when shaving.


With the solid weight of a DE safety razor in hand, you will find that simply gliding the blade over well prepared skin is all you need to lift off even longer hairs or thicker stubble. By having weight in the razor head, maneuverability is a simple task as your hand is free to shift and adapt the cutting edge to the contours of your face and body.

Our plastic free razor and blades lasts much longer than plastic alternatives, and when combined with the colour collection of shaving oils which nourish, protect and nurtures your skin when shaving.

The blaidmat shown on the Kairn website is leather and therefore it’s not vegan!! The owners of the brand are currently working hard to create a vegan and sustainable blaidmat!


We have product-tested our razors on all parts of our bodies. Whether your face, your legs or wherever you choose to shave, our pencil razor – handled with suitable care and preparation – provides a wondrously friction free shave.

To ensure universal use, please see our guide to using a safety razor, keep your blades sharp (changing them regularly as needed) and remember to apply the razor gently to your skin. Don’t push (like with normal razors), but allow the weight of the razor and sharpness of the blade to effortlessly shave your skin.


This product contains:

  • 1 x Kairn pencil razor
  • 5 x safety razor blades

How to use: Using a metal razor to shave is different to a plastic razor. You can read more about it on Kairn’s website.