Mineral Foundation Refill Eco Pot

The unique blend of ingredients in this loose powder foundation makes it versatile, comfortable to wear and very long lasting. It can be applied dry, mixed with cream, balm, water or serum to create a consistency that adapts to your skin type and requirements.

There are 6 simple shades to choose from. Each shade covers a wide variety of skin tones due to the way this foundation gently oxidises to match in. You can also mix the foundation shades together if needed, at a ratio to suit you, to create your perfect bespoke shade.

Please check out All Earth’s foundation skin tone guide to choose which shade is right for you.


Titanium Dioxide
Zinc Oxide
Iron Oxides
Silica C177007, C177288

The Good Stuff:

It’s your skin, so it matters, which is why ‘All Earth’ ONLY uses enhancing, protective and regenerative ingredients in their mineral foundations. Unlike most commercial products ‘All Earth’ doesn’t include any harmful micronized particles or chemicals*, so only the good stuff can be absorbed by your skin.

Kaolin, an expensive natural clay ingredient with amazing naturally occurring antibacterial qualities. It protects the skin from the sun and free radical damage, whilst also promoting healthy skin tissue renewal. Plus the magical clay particles help reduce shine and allow impeccable coverage.

Allantoin, a natural plant extract which is a botanical powerhouse for moisturising your skin. It is utterly indispensable for anyone with sensitive skin conditions, particularly eczema and acne, as it offers natural anti-inflammatory relief and helps stimulate healthy tissue growth.

Titanium Dioxide, another great mineral which not only naturally protects your skin from sun damage, but also helps reduce the appearance of fine lines thanks to its amazing light scattering properties.

Zinc Oxide, a vegan-friendly natural pigment which provides the colour in our mineral foundation powder as well as naturally protecting your skin from the sun and providing anti-inflammatory benefits for sensitive skin.

Silica, balances skin oils to maintain an enhancing, flawless skin coverage.

And finally, Mica , which helps reduce fine lines and open your pores to create an impeccable look.

These ingredients work with your skin to enhance its quality, by leaving out the nasty stuff* – (like Bismuth Oxychloride, Talcs and Cornstarch, Parabens, Toxic preservatives, Mineral oils, Silicone or Lanolin) which causes skin irritation or promotes premature ageing.

The creators of ‘All Earth’ use the following colour scale to distinguish between the tones of our foundations.

01 – for very fair skin with pink undertones, which can burn rapidly in the sun (typically for people with blue vein colouring)

02 – fair skin with more yellow undertones, which can burn rapidly in the sun (typically for people with blue vein colouring)

03 – fair to medium skin tone with pink, peach or yellow undertones which can tan easily (typically for people with blue or turquoise vein colouring)

04 – Olive/Mediterranean skin tones which can tan easily, or Asian/Eastern skin tones (typically for people with green vein colouring)

05 – dark skin which can tan easily with ashy, peach or black undertones (typically for people with green vein colouring)

06 – dark skin which can tan very easily with red or black undertones (typically for people with green vein colouring)