Metal Razor & Shave Oil – Kairn

Brilliant skin. The closest shave. The plastic free shaving kit is the perfect choice.

When it comes to clean living and hairless skin, there is certainly no need to compromise. The Kairn pencil double edged safety razor offers perfect hand feel and the closest shave. Combined with their top-selling orange skin oil, you’ll get friction-free shaving and deep nourishment of your upper skin.

The Kairn skincare range is entirely plastic free. Leave the plastic wrapping, bottles and replacement razor blades firmly in the (recycle) bin. This skincare and shave range will make you fall back in love with shaving, taking the time to prepare, nourish and protect your skin when shaving.  And in the end, you’ll have wondrous skin, a hairless look, and a plastic free bathroom. What a result!

Kairn products are not tested on animals, are free of parabens and plastic.

How to use: Massage oil into warm wet skin for twenty seconds. Shave off with a clean, sharp razor. Rinse off with cool water & towel dry. For best results, use Kairn skin scrub before shaving, followed with Kairn skin balm.

This product contains:

Volume: 1 x 50ml bottle of Kairn Orange skin and shave oil.



Light, bright and zesty, our essential bergamot and orange citrus oils are hand-blended with steam-distilled essential juniper oil to give a sweet, soothing, aromatic skin oil. Picked from the heats of Mediterranean climes, these oils infuse a cacophony of vitamins and minerals – perfectly prepared for your skin.


Like glove fits hand, the Kairn pencil razor is perfectly weighted for your shave. It’s massy head gives all the pressure the blade needs to effortless shave your skin.  Whether shaving arms, legs, faces or armpits, the moulded head and dexterous handle mean that you can achieve the perfect shave every time. Using a double-edged safety razor is different to disposable razors, so it’s important to take time to learn about how to use the razor.  But you have two big reasons why it’s worth it – great feeling hairless skin, and plastic free shaving.




Whilst these products are safe it is important to test each product on a small area of skin before use. If irritation occurs, discontinue use and gently wash the area of skin clean. Please avoid contact with eyes, and keep Kairn products out of reach of children. See our guide to shaving with a metal razor for an easy tutorial.