Tom & Dick’s – Sustainable Bedding

Tom & Dick’s bedding is made from 100% natural fibres. They have removed all the noise, gimmicks and high street mark ups, creating an exclusive range of three unique finishes, which suit every type of sleeper.


All of their bedding is designed in Manchester, then crafted by highly-skilled artisans in a family-run mill in Portugal.

The company is named after Thomas ‘Tom’ Hoyle who founded the Mayfield Print Works in 1782, developing innovative new cloth-printing techniques, including committing the colour purple to calico cloth.

Their second namesake is Sir Richard ‘Dick’ Arkwright, pioneer of the world’s first steam-driven textiles mill based in Manchester.


On their journey to find bedding perfection, Tom & Dick have trekked to four continents, twelve mills, and analysed 137 different types of bedding. The result? A simple range of bed sets crafted perfectly for you.

Just like the perfect cup of coffee, a blend of fine ingredients is always best. That’s why they’ve curated a mix of natural fibres from around the world. Rather than settling for a single source, the company has put together a range of yarn from Spain, India, Egypt and beyond. The flax for their linen bedding comes from Normandy, France.


Tom & Dick’s is establishing itself as not just another bedding retailer, but as a lifestyle choice. We often hear about sleep apps and sleep sprays, but rarely do people focus on the bedding that touches them for eight hours every night.


Tom & Dick are disrupting an industry steeped in tradition by moving away from marketing gimmicks like threadcounts and Egyptian cotton. They’ve simplified the bedding buying process, whilst at the same time providing customers with their choice of bedding to suit their sleep style. They have also adopted a zero-plastic policy when it comes to the packaging. Their limited edition cushions are even filled with 17 recycled plastic bottles.


Tom & Dick’s bedding comes in three different styles



Soft & cool . If you’re the last one to put a jumper on, their 100% natural cotton bedding is for you. The Mayfield is woven for maximum breathability and has a lightweight feel. With a matte finish and garment washed for a lived-in look, spend more time sleeping and less time ironing.



Warm & smooth sateen. If you’re the first to put the heating on, their 100% natural cotton sateen bedding is your dream match. Super soft to touch, The Whitworth offers a more solid weight to snuggle up to at night. Woven for a subtle sheen and mercerised for a silky feel that gets better with every wash.



Laidback & light linen. Experience Tom & Dick’s 100% natural linen bedding for a classic feel and look. Woven with the highest quality flax fibres to keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Naturally textured for a relaxed look, their Portland is a hard worker.