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Thank you so much for visiting Wrapped in Kindness.

Wrapped in Kindness is an E-shop full of plastic free alternatives for your pantry, beauty routine & on the go.

I created this shop to bring together all the wonderful vegan, handmade and plastic free products I came across on my low waste journey. I hope you guys can find everything you need, if not, please send me a quick e-mail on wrappedinkindness@gmail.comor on Instagram @wrapped.in.kindness and I will look into it.

10% of our profit is donated to a vegan campaign, animal sanctuary or a sustainable charity each month.

One day I am hoping to open a physical Wrapped in Kindness shop to help boost the vegan & plastic free community in my area. I think that connecting with others, sharing ideas and working on projects together is an important aspect of our busy lives. If we want to make a change in this world, we should work together as one.

Another aspiration of mine is to organize clean ups and tree planting events – maybe even abroad.

You are all welcome to join, all the events will be up on the website very soon.


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I’m also working as a freelance Sustainable Interior Designer.

My passion for sustainability and the wellbeing of the environment is the driving force behind everything I do.

I decided to open my own plastic free shop to inspire and help others to live a more conscious and compassionate life. I want to introduce people to what plastic alternatives are out there and to show just how easy it is to make a change in the world – one item at a time. And if you think that one person (or an animal) is not enough to make a difference, think again because if you are stuck in a room with a mosquito, I am sure you will change your mind.

Please bear in mind that it’s just me running the shop so if there are any delays in responding to your e-mails or messages please be patient, I am doing my best to reply as quickly as I can!

*Finally, this website consists of affiliated links as well as affiliated products.

Hugs & positive vibes